2019: The Year of the Doctor

Well, somehow we have made yet another full rotation around the sun, placing ourselves smack-dab into the year 2019.  With 3 weeks of this new year solidly under our belts, I’ve found that I’ve finally stopped writing 2018 on every chart that I complete, and that I no longer question why a patient is back in the office when we just saw them 2 days ago (oops, wrong year.. again. With each passing day, I am also becoming more aware of the changes that are coming in this year. In 2 weeks, I move across the country to my final extern rotation site. In a mere 3 months, I will be walking across the stage at The Ohio State University and receiving my Doctorate of Optometry.  In the following months, I then hope to complete a residency in Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation, at a yet undetermined location.  Yes, 2019 is about to be an exciting year.

And so, in preparation for these changes, here I am blogging and working at giving my humble website a much needed facelift.  
Enjoy! 🙂

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