When I Fall in Love…

This blog post brought to you by the week after Valentne’s Day, and another day of flying.

Growing up, I was never one to believe much in love. It seemed much to far-fetched for me.  Falling in love was something that was reserved for movies – not ordinary farm-girls like me.  As I grew older, however, the power of love became more real for me as I came to grasp my parent’s love, the love that my friends extended to me, and most importantly the unconditional love of God.  Despite this realization, relationships have never been something that come easy for me. I’m introverted, can be a bit awkward, and am frankly often too stubborn and particular for my own good. To that end, I have never been in a relationship.  

But that is not to say that I have not fallen in love.  No, if truth be told, I fall in love on a daily basis, wherever I go.  I fall in love with the beauty of sunsets, the splendor of mountains, the vastness of oceans.  I fall in love with the warmth of sun on my skin, the smell of the earth after a rain, the sound of streams.  I fall in love with communities and people from all walks and worlds. I fall in love with my patients , wherever my 4th year rotations take me, be it the clinics around Columbus, a VA in North Carolina, a private practice in New Mexico.  This past week, I had the privilege of falling in love again – this time at an interview with the people that make what would otherwise be an ordinary optometry office into a beautiful family that serves its community and welcomes all who enter its doors.

And every time that I fall in love, I realize once again the incredible power of this unobtrusive force.  Love makes family from strangers and friends from all. Love bridges the gap between cultures, religions, color, gender.  Love knows no bounds – it is not limited by space or time. Love conquers fear and crosses all barriers. To quote 1 Corinthians 13, love never fails.

With that in mind, wherever you may be on this Sunday – the blustery cold of the northwest, the suns of the south, the pews of a church, the heights of a mountain, or the center of a crowded plane like I am – know that you are enough. You are worthy. And you are so very loved.

Til the next time


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