2020: The Year That Was

Well guys, we’ve made it.  Today’s the last day of 2020.
How many of you remember what you were doing and feeling at this time last year?
From what I remember, most were excited for 2020 – from Roaring 20s themed parties, to posts about “the year of the eye doctor”.  Yes, 2020 was set to be grand.
Admittedly, I was tempted to comment on all the enthusiasm with a reminder as to the devastation of The Great Depression that emerged out of the glamour of the 1920s, but alas, why ruin the moment?
And then 2020 actually hit, and, in an instant, the world stood still.
Looking back on the last 12 (but more specifically the last 9) months, I’m sure 2020 has felt to many like the year that.. well, wasn’t.

School was cancelled.
Sports were cancelled.
Church was cancelled.
Concerts were cancelled.
Vacation was cancelled.
Holidays were cancelled.

Yes, in many ways, it felt like life itself was cancelled in 2020, replaced with months of uncertainty that stretched on to eternity.

As such, it would be easy to simply dismiss this last year, running wholeheartedly into 2021, in the hopes that, like magic, when the clock strikes 12, this madness will end, and life will resume.

Tempting, right?

But what if instead, for a moment, you stop thinking about all the ways that 2020 was the year that wasn’t, and start thinking of how 2020 was the year that was.


Maybe 2020 was the year that you finally completed some of those projects around the house that you’d been meaning to do.

Maybe 2020 was the year that you spent more time with family.

Maybe 2020 was the year that you added a healthy habit to your life.

Maybe 2020 was the year that you took up a new hobby.

Maybe 2020 was the year that you had to face something about your personality that you’d been running from for years.

Maybe 2020 was the year that you experienced the reality of God in a way that you never had before.

For me, 2020 was the year that I truly became involved in a church for the first time in my adult life.

It was the year that I started a podcast with my older brother. (Sorry for the 6 month hiatus y’all – we’ll get back to it hopefully soon!)

It was the year that I finally had time to more consistently work on music, and so, arranged 5 new songs in a matter of months.


2020 was the year that I reassessed my values, and decided to make a fifth cross country move to be able to see my family more consistently.

It was the year that I blogged for 100 days straight, began an optometry blog (again, sorry for the hiatus), and more consistently published personal blogs.

It was the year that I started getting over my fear of talking on the phone.

It was a year that I struggled with anxiety, but began learning to cast my cares on the Savior.

It was the year that I discovered the beauty of community.


2020 was the year that I learned to drive the combine, drive a tractor with two loaded wagons, and dump the wagons.

It was the year that I accepted and began my first non-residency job.

It was a year to realize who I am, and begin seeing myself as the Father sees me – beloved.


No, 2020 was not perfect.

It had more than its share of anxiety, frustration, anger, loss, and tears.

But in the midst of the storm that was this year, there was peace.

There was hope.

There was love.

And there was joy.


May you find these in the arms of friends, family, and the Father today, and everyday as we begin this journey into 2021.



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