Day 192: Analyze

Happy Sunday and Day 192 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

First things first: apparently I didn’t actually post yesterday’s post last night… oops. The problems with blogging from a phone… while falling asleep.

In any case, this post brought to you from yet another travel week, and my second viewing of In the Heights (which I’m currently watching on my iPad – thanks ‘Lil One and HBO Max!).

From there, question from today: how do most of y’all approach life? Do you analyze things? Like, when you’re listening to music, do you analyze the vocal quality of the singer? When you’re watching a movie, do you analyze all the hidden meanings?

Complete honesty? Yeah, I don’t. Definitely not. I feel like I generally take most of life at face value, and, after talking to a couple of friends, I cannot help but wonder if I’m missing out on something in life by not analyzing more.

Thoughts welcome.

Catch y’all tomorrow!