Day 165: …But I Slept…

Happy Monday and Day 165 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

Well, this morning has gone nothing like anticipated… again!

So, first things first – I managed to get close to 9 hours of sleep last night, which is just insane. After going to bed around 10:30p, I woke up briefly around 1:00a to change the fan speed, and again around 5:30a when my alarm went off. However, I fell right back to sleep after a quick glance at my phone, and woke up again at nearly 7a. I never sleep in that late!

You’d think that with so much sleep, I’d be in perfect shape this morning. Unfortunately, that’s not been the case. About an hour and a half ago (8:30a range), I started getting pretty shaky for the first time in… a couple of months I think. I’m not entirely sure what the cause was – my 13 miles of biking last evening, extra sleep, inappropriate electrolyte balance, or increase in coffee this morning (I finally brewed a new batch). Whatever the cause, I’m shaky. Woohoo.

Nevertheless, I’ve been able to get quite a bit of packing done in preparation for this week’s travel week (and managed to get my internet back up and running), which I think is most of the excitement that I have for this morning.

Catch y’all tomorrow from the road!