Day 226: CE

Happy Saturday and Day 226 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

Guys, I am literally the worst at CE (continuing education). This weekend, I’m trying to round out most of my remaining credits for the year, which means 16 hours of education in two days. I knew it would be a lot, and today admittedly went better than i anticipated, but I am still not cut out to sit in lectures all day – not my cup of tea. (Or DECAF coffee… may have had like four cups of that today….)

Surprisingly, I didn’t opt to blog during the lecture.. maybe that will be tomorrow’s task. Instead, I spent most of today’s hours drawing random lines and shapes (ahem, doodles?) on the one piece of scrap paper we were given. Believe it or not, I actually listen pretty well while doodling – I just need something to keep my hands busy while I’m listening.

If I’m honest, that may apply to most pats of my life – I just need something to do while doing a task in order to stay focused. (That seems counter-intuitive.)

In any case, it’s getting late and we’re back for another eight tomorrow.

Catch ya then,