Day 207: Cultivate

Happy Monday and Day 207 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

Short post alert (because I need sleep)!

So, this evening, I was working, once again, on the flower beds around my house. There’s this one section of dirt that, no matter how many times I work it, it always feels sort of impossible to make progress on. Admittedly, my general tendency is to just let it go, believing that it’s not worth the effort. Tonight though, as I was working, I began to think and pray about this area.

Why – why is this bit so hard to work?

The answer came to mind quickly – it hasn’t been cultivated in something like four years. As soon as I heard the answer, my mind jumped from soil to life.

How often are there areas in our lives that are just plain hard? The bits that never seem to make any progress, the parts where nothing really grows. It’s easy to want to avoid these areas – sticking instead with the parts of life that come easy, that show growth, that seem to be more together. However, the longer we do this, the harder the soil of our hearts becomes.

Which is to say: Y’all, our hearts, our lives – they need to be constantly and consistently cultivated through community and the word to produce fruit.

What do you want to grow today?

Catch y’all tomorrow,