Day 214: Honor

Happy Monday and Day 214 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

Holy cow – my ipad keyboard is being absolutely ridiculous tonight. Either that, or I’m too tired to actually type correctly. Regardless, I apologize for any typos that I may miss.

From there though – welcome back to yet another travel week! (Do they ever end? Pretty sure that’s a no….)

This evening on my three hour drive, I had plenty of time to think and pray about life – definitely the best part of a mobile job. As I did so, one topic kept sticking out to me:submission.

Y’all. I suck at submitting – especially to authority. I don’t generally say it out loud, but if I’m honest, my general mindset is that I know better than whoever is telling me what to do, and so I’ll do it my way – come what may.

In all reality, I may know better, but that doesn’t excuse me from the biblical call to respect and submit to those in authority over me… including my parents.

This weekend I was listening to a message about the necessity of generational alignment in the church. Virtually the whole sermon resonated with me, and I finished listening, eager to figure out how to implement it in the church… only to realize that first, I must implement it in my own life by honoring and submitting to my parents.


As an almost 30 year old, I admittedly still find it hard to consistently come under their leadership. So often, I opt instead to look back at any and all prior mistakes and use them as an excuse to go my own way.

But scripture doesn’t say, ‘honor your Father and Mother… if they’ve never made a mistake.’ Or, ‘honor your Father and Mother… when you’re in agreement with them.’

Nope – it just say, ‘honor’, plain and simple.

God – HELP!

Catch y’all tomorrow!