Day 177: Impulse

Happy Saturday and Day 177 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

Big news guys: I turned on my air conditioner for the first time all year this morning.

I’ll admit – I didn’t want to. I had really hoped to try to make it the entire year without turning it on. However, a morning that started at 75F with somewhere around 70% humidity was enough to change my mind. I mean, when it’s a drier heat and it gets cooler in the evenings, I’m all about having the windows open and letting it cool naturally, but when the whole house feels hot and sticky? Ehhh… I guess it’s time to make a change. Since I rely on a window air-conditioner though, I’m currently waiting for more than just the corner of the front room to be affected at all. I know it’ll get there, but the impatient part of me is trying to figure out ways to make it work.

From there though, so do any of y’all ever get in a mood where you just want to buy things?

As someone who’s generally more on the minimalist side, I’m not really sure where this impulse is coming from. Regardless, I keep feeling this urge to buy… something. Anything.

Actually, scratch that: I think I do know the source of this desire. I’ve been feeling stuck with a project recently (which I believe I mentioned a couple of weeks ago), and part of me feels like buying things might just be the way to move forward.

However, my recent purchases are definitely not related to the project. (Sorry new little cactus… You’re still adorable!)

So, I guess, my question to y’all today is: how do you manage feeling stuck? Do you go out and impulsively buy unrelated items? Or do you address the actual problem and try to make progress there?

Here’s to hoping I can stop my spending spree and do the second.

Catch y’all tomorrow,