Day 151: New Day

Happy Memorial Day and Day 151 of Another 100 Days of Hannah
…and Counting, y’all!

First things first: I’m loving all the formatting options here in WordPress. Definitely an upgrade from Blogger. I mean, yes, it’s a paid upgrade, but nevertheless, the user experience is far better. Hopefully the reader experience is as well.

Hah.  My older brother just informed me that, actually, how I had been formatting the intro showed up as a block of code on RSS readers.  Oops.  That's good to know...  So, in other words, if y'all notice similar problems, please let me know so I can change them!  (Because I'm really bad at, you know, actually proofing things...)

In any case, this morning I’ve been working on my schedule – figuring out how I can move around my work weeks so that I don’t have to take vacation days (since who knows how many sick days or ‘unable to travel days’ I’ll need before the end of the year). Granted, I still have to get my plans approved with the company, but, I think I may have found a way to save 3 vacation days… while still taking most of the days off.

I think that’s a win?

From there, this morning I’ve been thinking back a bit to last Memorial Day. For several weeks prior to the day, I’d been training to do my first Murph – a crossfit workout in which you do a one mile run, followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and a final mile run… all in a 20 pound vest. My version was admittedly pretty modified. I didn’t have any place to do pull-ups, so I did 100 burpees instead. I hadn’t built my core up for 200 full push-ups, and so did them on my knees instead. And, my body wasn’t a fan of me that day, so I opted to take a short break in the middle to decrease the cramping enough to continue.

Nevertheless, it felt really good to complete the challenge, and I was looking forward to attempting it again this year with fewer modifications.

Unfortunately, that’s not happening. Thank you joints.

As frustrated as I would like to be with my body some days, today, I’m grateful for the opportunity that I had during PT to learn to work with my body. So often, when my joints feel loose and they begin to sublux more frequently, I can be afraid to do much of anything. I mean, what happens if they go out and I do serious damage? During PT though, I started learning to find balance with my body – learning to rest at times when the pain is too great or the joints too lax, while pushing ahead on the days where fear, not my body, is my greatest enemy.

It’s a work in progress, but, this mindset definitely allows me to be more confident as I walk (and run, and jump) through each day.

After all, today's a new day. I don't have to be defined by the failures (subluxations, dislocations, pain, and instability) of yesterday.

Catch y’all tomorrow,