Day 170: Perspective

Happy Saturday and Day 170 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

Well, y’all, I survived another travel week – which means that today is the lovely day in which I get to pack my life back up and move back home for most of the next 3ish weeks. Like every vacation.. or semi-vacation, it’s somewhat bittersweet. I’ve enjoyed the freedom of being on my own. I’ve enjoyed exploring a new area. I’ve appreciated my cozy little cottage, but now, it’s time to head back to the ‘real world’ – whatever that is.

Looking back, this past week was probably one of my favorite travel weeks. Yes, some days (ahem – YESTERDAY) were long, but I had more opportunities to get outside after work than any other travel week thus far. This travel week was the first time that I stayed in close proximity to my wonderful hosts. It felt weird at first, but it was somewhat comforting to know that they were right next door if I needed anything.

From there, it’s interesting to see how my perspective with traveling for work has changed since I began this job. Initially, I absolutely loved it, or at least the idea of it. I mean, short days, seeing different parts of the state, new facilities every day – there’s no getting bored! After a few weeks (and many long days and even longer drives) though, the excitement faded. I was tired, exhausted really, by the constant stress that comes with little control over my work life. Traveling became the bane of my days, rather than the joy, and I wished just to have a ‘normal’ job. Now, well, I’m somewhere between the two. Having traded to travel weeks, rather than isolated travel days, I can enjoy the travel a little bit more. I can appreciate the perks of my job – short weeks, shorter days in the ‘office’, variety – while also acknowledging the downfalls – being alone on the job, a stressful work environment, difficult patients, and minimal control or stability within my days.

Hmm… I think that’s all I really have today – just some observations on work and life and perspective.

Catch y’all tomorrow,