Day 156: Planning

Happy Saturday and Day 156 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

Talk about easily distracted – yikes! I realized a couple minutes ago that I’ve been on the computer for around an hour and still haven’t managed to get a post written up.

Granted, this time I was actually doing something productive – corresponding with the bride to figure out music for an upcoming wedding – but still, it’s later than I anticipated.

Shockingly, I actually have thoughts this morning. Let’s dive in.

This past week, I brought up to my therapist that I’m really bad at planning. She commented that I’m probably not actually bad at planning, but that I may just not be as good as some of the people who I am around. After giving it some more thought, I think I realized more of what’s truly going on:

When I start planning things, I almost always only see what could go right. For instance, for the picnic-y thing that I’m hosting tonight, most of my thoughts have been centered around how much fun we’ll have. I mean, sure, I came up with a menu, picked a time and location, and am working to have things picked up. But thinking about what happens if kids get dirty or troubles with being around cats or out in the barns? Yep, nope, never crossed my mind.

The same was true last weekend when my older brother and I were discussing business ideas. I mean, sure, I’ve thought of a lot of the clinical stuff, and some general business stuff, but the little details? Ha.

These things admittedly make me feel like a bad planner. And, maybe I truly am.

Or, maybe, I just have a different perspective. Who knows. In any case, I need to get off the computer.

Catch y’all later!