Day 201: Saved By Grace… And Power Naps

Happy Tuesday and Day 201 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

So, I know I’ve touted the wonders of power naps before, but seriously y’all, if you don’t take power naps, you’re really missing out.

Like, really.

I was exhausted most of the day today. Let’s be real – I’ve been mostly exhausted for, idk, the past three weeks? I just always seem to be dragging with little energy or motivation. In any case, this evening after dinner, I was out of it, so I decided to lay down and rest for 25 minutes.

Y’all, that was probably one of the best decisions of my life.

After my nap, I had enough energy to pick up the house, transplant a flower, practice organ, do my laundry, finish mowing the yard, prep some for tomorrow, and shower. In theory, I still have enough energy to keep going longer this evening, but know that morning comes early (and I just finished my Dream which should kick in before too long).

Long story short? Take. Power. Naps.

Catch y’all tomorrow,