Day 204: Rest

Happy Friday and Day 204 of Another 100 Days of Hannah … and Counting, y’all!

Afternoon thoughts:

Rest is not made of beaches and sand.
Rest is not found with a cool drink in your hand.

Rest may not come with stillness of night,
Nor is it guaranteed when the sunshine is bright.

Rest is not bought with treasures or tools,
Just as it’s not taught at work or in schools.

For rest is far more than just lying in bed,
Than getting away, than clearing your head.

True rest is a posture, a position, a choice,
To step back from the chaos and hear the small voice.

The One that still quiets the waves and the wind
The One that is constant – beginning to end.

The calm amidst clamor, the strength for the weak
The One who has promised to come when we seek.

He carries our burdens – the large and the small.
With no questions or judgements, He welcomes us all.

He calls us to come – to just sit at His feet.
To drink of His goodness ‘til our journey’s complete.

It’s here we find safety, find quiet, find rest,
For here we can trust that His plans are the best.

Catch y’all tomorrow!