Day 193: Wasted

Happy Monday and Day 193 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

Welcome (officially) to travel week round… what is this… six? Seven? Something like that.

In any case, here we are – back at it again! Admittedly, I feel completely exhausted today, as I didn’t sleep as well as anticipated last night. (Apparently melatonin and apple cider vinegar don’t mix? Who knew?!) Maybe today will be another nap day.

*Insert 14 hour break while I worked, charted, and then watched wayyy too many episodes of Arrow*

Do you guys ever get frustrated with yourself for wasting time? Not gonna lie – I do frequently. In the moment, I become so focused on finding something to do – multitasking, filling a void, calling the storm – that I forget to actually be in the moment. And once the moment has passed? Well, there’s regret.

This evening of binging Arrow was a prime example. I mean, sure, I worked out while watching (ps – it’s a lot harder to burn all your calories for the day without biking, running, or lifting), and yes, it was raining, so going outside wasn’t really all that much of an option. Nevertheless, I feel like I completely wasted today, once again diving into a fictional world. And for what? I don’t even really know.

And so, here I am, after 9:30p, feeling like today was a day that I chose not to live.

Here’s to hoping I can salvage a few moments at the end.

Catch y’all tomorrow,