Day 100: 100 Days, 100 Lessons.

Well guys, I…we… someone…
It’s Day 100 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaysofBlogging!
Which means, that, as soon as this post is finished, I will have successfully blogged for 100 days straight.
In any case, I thought, what better way to end this 100 day challenge than with 100 lessons learned over the last 100 days.
Let’s get to it!
*After writing all 100 lessons, I’ve decided to take the top 10ish lessons and list them at the bottom for those who really aren’t interested in reading the whole list.*
1. Creating consistent content is really hard.
2. It’s incredible how many more views you get when someone else shares your content.
3. But, most people are only interested in that post – not the other 99.
4. I have no idea what content other people are interested in reading.
5. It’s really fun to try to sum up an entire post in one word.
6. One word titles with four labels really don’t draw viewers.
7. Social media is a much less effective than I anticipated.
8. Flowery endings are beautiful.  They also take a crazy long time to write.
9. Mornings (when it’s not raining) are arguably the best part of the day.
10. Simply posing a question is not enough to create conversation.
11. I have no idea how to build a community.
12. Or write content to attract the community that I wish to build.
13. There are few greater challenges than trying to write a new daily challenge (and remember all of your previous ones).
14. Posts seem way longer when you’re writing them than when you’re reading them.
15. I get excessively obsessed with things impressively easily.
16. Life is amazingly cyclic. I guess that’s why it’s called a life cycle?
17. I still don’t have self-control mastered.
18. Playing by the rules and coloring within the lines is not my forte.
19. It’s really easy to freak out about the little things. A change of perspective makes a world of difference.
20. Make a list of your unfinished projects. Or topics. So that way you don’t have a random “Part 1” that is never concluded.
21. Wrestling with hard things makes us strong. Questions bring answers. It’s in seeking that we find.
22. Play you.
23. Feelings don’t define reality – they simply augment it.
24. My family – immediate, extended, quasi-adopted – is incredible, and I am so blessed.
25. When words fail, music speaks.
26. Life without vision is a trip without destination.
27. Sleep is easy. Rest is hard.
28. Phone calls aren’t quite as bad as I make them out to be.
29. Running is safety, but good does not equate to safe.
30. Community cannot exist within the walls of invulnerability.
31. Life is not a binomial.
32. I get things wrong.
33. The most beautiful words are not always the most powerful.
34. Other people are awkwardly avoidant too. Thank God.
35. Don’t be afraid to follow your own path, but choose your steps and companions wisely.
36. Home is a person, not a place.
37. 12 cups of coffee per day is too much for Hannah to handle.
38. It’s good to use lights if you want your neighbors to know that you exist (and not park in your driveway).
39. Thoughts are better with friends.
40. It’s easy to be afraid.
41. Blogging is 8000 times better on real computer.
42. Life, in general, is easier with a real computer.
43. System76 is the best.
44. Linux, while confusing, is pretty.  Sorta like life.
45. I really don’t speak computer.
46. Being reunited with my piano is the best.
47. You. Are. Enough.
48. Telemedicine isn’t perfect.
49. The mentality of “work” is much more exhausting than the act of working.
50. Time is a valuable commodity. It’s a pity we try so hard to waste it.
51. Writing 100 lessons is really hard.
52. My brother is the best.
53. Except I have two. The other one’s pretty awesome too (he just isn’t prominently featured in my blog posts).
54. Blogging from your phone is less than ideal.
55. But that won’t stop me from doing it.
56. I still don’t know what the future will hold.
57. I apparently have an aversion to this number, considering I skipped it in the blog.
58. I shouldn’t make promises of goals that I’m not sure if I want to keep.
59. Love is a gift, not a merit.  Freely given, not earned. Unconditional. Undeserved.
60. Haiku’s are my favorite.
61. In the strife for perfection in the little things, don’t lose sight of what matters most.
62. Don’t quit.
63. Writing papers is frustrating.
64. Procrastinating doesn’t actually make everything better.
65. Sometimes the stress isn’t worth it.
66. Endings are weird.
67. So are beginnings.
68. These are crap lessons.
69. My family home is really pretty.
70. My hair look(ed) like an orc from WoW.
71. Describing games is really hard.
72. Some of the best peanut butter cookies EVER are made with 3 ingredients.
73. I really don’t like recipes.
74. I also don’t like decisions.
75. Hamilton is a pretty legit musical.
76. So is Dear Evan Hansen.
77. There’s a keyboard shortcut to put in hyperlinks.
78. Making space is hard.
79. So is making decisions. (Did I already say that?)
80. Relaxing is less about stopping and more about changing.
81. Every day of life is a sprint within the marathon.
82. “Turn about is fair play” is not everyone’s mantra.
83. People don’t actually believe the “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” bit.
84. But it’s better if I left some things unsaid.
85. I like wayy too many songs to compile a comprehensive list of them.
86. Sourdough bread is awesome.
87. And even more fun to make.
88. But it’s probably not worth having 6 jars of starter in the house at the same time.
89. Reality is complicated.
90. It’s really not worth writing 100 lessons. Ever.
91. Books, and beer, are better with others.
92. What I think is important is clearly not what everyone else deems important..
93. Or interesting.
94. Quality is better than quantity.
95. Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles (Charlie Chaplin).
96. Mystery yields intrigue, yet what greater fascination it is to be known.
97. I have so much more to learn.
98. Different isn’t wrong, it’s just different.
99. To try and fail is better than to never try at all.
100. The greatest challenges in life are often the most rewarding.
For those who wanted to skip to the end…
  • Simply posing a question is not enough to create conversation.
  • A change of perspective makes a world of difference.
  • Wrestling with hard things makes us strong. Questions bring answers. It’s in seeking that we find.
  • Mystery yields intrigue, yet what greater fascination it is to be known.
  • Every day of life is a sprint within the marathon.
  • In the strife for perfection in the little things, don’t lose sight of what matters most.
  • Don’t be afraid to follow your own path, but choose your steps and companions wisely.
  • Life is not a binomial.
  • Feelings don’t define reality – they simply augment it.
  • Sleep is easy. Rest is hard.
  • Community cannot exist within the walls of invulnerability.
  • The greatest challenges in life are often the most rewarding.
I guess that’s it folks! Thanks to all those who joined me on this 100 Day journey – y’all are awesome!
Til next time,
Question of the Day: Now what?
Challenge of the Day: Come up with a list of things you’ve learned recently!
Photo of the Day:

Day 99: 99 Days of Blogging are Done…

As it’s day 99 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload, I think I’ll just post links to some of my favorite posts from the last almost 100 days as a bit of a recap of where we’ve been!  Enjoy!

*It’s sort of bugging me that there are only 19, but I don’t feel like going through all my posts again to find one more, so it’s gonna be fine.

Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: What was your favorite post from the last 99 days?
Challenge of the Day: Trust.

Day 98: You Can Tech If You Want To… Part 4

Day 98 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload…
Considering it’s been over a month since I did my last tech update, and that I spent most of the day recording/otherwise working with tech, I suppose that’s a reasonable post for one of my last official days on this blog.
Where to begin.
Last time I discussed tech, I was just learning some of the basics of my new linux build, and had only recently begun to work with Ardour/my audio interface/mic/midi keyboard controller.
I would love to say that I now am fully versed in everything that linux has to offer, however, that is 100% not the case.
Let’s start with the build itself.
I honestly don’t think that I’ve made any huge advances with running the operating system itself.  I still haven’t spent a lot of time learning, well, really anything, about the source code or how to manipulate it.  Which means that whenever I run into difficulties that are beyond my skill-set, I still have to speed-dial my older brother for assistance (like I did today.  Thanks, Justin!)
I still appreciate the aesthetics of the system and its general functionality.  I’m even more grateful to have a full set-up from which to work (especially considering my current daily routine).
Now onto music.
I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the musical side of things recently.  From arranging, to practicing, to recording, editing, and mastering, the music half of my build has had a significant amount of use, which means I’m learning new things most every day.
Recent ardour advances:
  • managing plugins
  • adjusting inputs
  • reducing system latency for vocal recordings
  • exporting files
  • (very basic) mastering techniques – aka adding reverb
  • editing midi input (to rewrite portions as necessary post record)
And today…
  • eliminating excess components that hog memory
  • rerouting outside plugin
  • transferring audio between recordings
Like I said though, I still have loads to learn, but I’m still enjoying the process, and loving having the ability to make music from my home (for the first time in several years, and relatively efficiently for the first time ever!)
Til tomorrow,
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Photo of the Day:

Day 97: Enneagram?

After yesterday’s late night post, I was going to blog early for Day 97 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload.
Obviously that didn’t happen.
Today, I had what I would almost deem as impressive lack of motivation. 
After sleeping in and having to take care of a housing related task soon after waking up, my schedule has been off all day. Add to that high distractability and increased cravings secondary to being tired, it’s no wonder very little was actually accomplished. 
I know I’m not the only one who does it, but it’s crazy how easy it is to value the day by its accomplishments.
But in doing so, I know I tend to brush aside the little things.
Though, today I’m honestly not even sure what little things were done..
Oh well. 
In other news, I’m normally a big MBTI fan, but the other day I re-assessed my enneagram.
Every time, I test as a 9, with supposedly 98% correspondence.
Guys, I don’t buy it. By all external measures, I would argue that I’m clearly a 7.
But the test always says differently. 
Would anyone care to explain this discrepancy? 
Til tomorrow, 
Question of the Day: MBTI or Enneagram?
Challenge of the Day: Do more than I did. It won’t take much

Day 95: Dance, Dance

Day 95 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaytoOffload brought to you by… yeah, no idea.
Short post Tuesday:
Last evening I happened to run across a youtube channel that has cardio dance workouts to soundtracks, etc
Now, mind you, I’m NOT a dancer.  But I love any excuse to do cardio, so today I checked a couple out – The Greatest Showman and the creator’s third Disney playlist.
They were great!
I thoroughly enjoyed the workouts (again, not like I can dance, at all), and got a good sweat up too! (Disregard the fact that I don’t think I’ve stopped sweating for more than a month since I moved here…)
Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll switch it up and check out the Hamilton one.
Til then,
Question of the Day: What’s your favorite workout?
Challenge of the Day: Mix up your workout by adding something new!
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Day 94: Quirk

Day 94 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload… After last night’s philosophical post, let’s go with something more fun.
Hannah Quirk!
So, I have wayyy too many empty plastic water bottles.  I’ll recycle them eventually, but first, I like to get as much use out of them as is reasonable. Which means that I refill them.  All.  (Yes, my refrigerator ends up quite full by the end.)
But in refilling them, I hate letting water go to waste, and I hate having the process take forever.  So I make it a game.
I start with the first water bottle – take the cap off, and start filling.
As it fills, I try to take the caps off as many bottles as possible, while still getting the next bottle under the tap with as little loss as possible.
This continues until all the caps are off.
At which time I start putting the caps back on.
I used to also try to put all the bottles in the refrigerator as part of the game, but that got to be too much of a balancing act.
Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today.
‘Til tomorrow,
Question of the Day: What’s a weird quirk that you have?
Challenge of the Day: Learn the alphabet backwards.
Photo of the Day:

Day 93: And That’s My New Philosophy

Day 93 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload brought to you by minimal motivation.
Happy Sunday, y’all.
This morning, I had the pleasure of not sleeping from about 2:30 through…the rest of the night.
As any normal individual would do, I spent an enjoyable 3 hours analyzing modern culture as it relates to a cohesive philosophy.  At the time, I was very tempted to write up my analysis for today’s blog post, but thought better of it. From that point, however, I have two thoughts/questions to pose in today’s discussion.
Why are middle of the night thoughts so clear? Like, when I’m truly awake during the night, my mind is racing.  But not out of fear, it’s just able to easily and cohesively jump through concepts and topics, finding connections that I never see in the light.
And second:
What is reality?
This question stems from a recent/on-going discussion with a good friend secondary to a video that he had shared regarding Einstein’s theory of relativity, in which the natural question was posed: what is time?  And does it cease to exist without a point of reference?  Is it not simply a construct employed to define a phenomena that we experience, yet do not understand?
After a short discourse, the inevitable conclusion was that this is true of every aspect of our daily lives.

Size? A relative term, determined by our distance from the object and a system of measurements defined by humanity.

Color? A variable characteristic of light as interpreted by the brain, corresponding to a number of frequencies, as defined by humanity.


We could literally go on all day.

From this point, then, it is reasonable to propose that reality itself is subjective – simply a construct with which to interpret our experiences.  In this, “reality” as we know it is defined by our experiences, while concurrently creating and defining not only our experiences, but our very existence.

The greatest beauty, however, lies in the consistent inconsistencies in observed phenomena that even allow the constructs we live by to be quantified, speaking to the existence of a singular greater reality, far beyond that which our minds can perceive.
But what do I know?

‘Til tomorrow,


Challenge of the Day:  Ask questions!
Photo of the Day: The only picture I took so far today was of another loaf of sourdough bread, which y’all are probably sick of at this point. So here’s a throwback to when I lived someplace with all the views

Day 92: Does Anybody Have a Map?

Question of Day 92 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload: Is 3 days in a row too many days of discussing sourdough?
But that’s okay, because today’s loaf was absolutely amazing. (I was going to put that in all caps, but it felt excessive.)
I stuck with my previous whole wheat sourdough recipe, but this time rolled it in a combination of garlic powder, oregano, and flour after the initial 18 hour fermentation period.
I may be biased, but it was literally the best garlic and herb bread that I think I’ve ever had.
Admittedly, I got too excited to try it that I completely forgot to take a picture.
*Facepalm* Millennial fail.
Right now, I have two loaves fermenting.  I figure I’ll make one a variation of today’s garlic and herb loaf. I’m considering making the second more of a sweet cinnamon swirl, because why not?
In other news, does anyone else ever feel like there are at least 10 different careers that they would love to pursue, but feel like it’d be irresponsible to try?
Throughout the years, I’ve wanted to – and let’s be real, would still love to – become so many vastly different things.
Like a pilot.
And an author.
And a musician.
And a farmer.
And a photographer.
And a barista.
And a chef.
And a live-in nanny.
And a mentor.
And the owner of a bed and breakfast.
Or what about things that aren’t a career, but would just be absolutely amazing to accomplish?
Like hiking the grand canyon.
And traveling the world.
And biking across the country.
And running a marathon.
And surfing.
And building a house.
And completing a triathalon.
And swimming in the barrier reef.
And performing on a major stage.
And learning how to code.
And inventing something.
And being able to retire young.
But I don’t know where, or how to start.
Or if it’s even worth trying.
In other words, my life right now feels like a quote from #DearEvanHansen:
Does anybody have a map?
This is me just pretending to me.
‘Cause the scary truth is: I’m flying blind, and I’m making it up as I go.
‘Til tomorrow,
Challenge for the Day: Come up with a challenge for the day
Photo of the Day: Courtesy of another run (back to the house) in the rain

Day 91: Sourdough Update

What to talk about on Day 91 of #100DaysofHannah and #100DaystoOffload?
Today’s been a bit of a chill day, for better or worse.  I had planned on writing more substantial posts for my last 10 days of this challenge, or at least attempting to.   But now that blogging time is here, I’m not sure what to say.
Or maybe that’s an indication that it’s not supposed to be blogging time.
Who knows.
As Tropical Storm Hannah has officially moved in though, it would seem that my normal evening walk is cancelled, so why not blog?
Today, as promised, I made my second loaf of sourdough bread – a whole wheat loaf.  Before coming up to blog, I finally removed it from the pan that I’ve been using for baking, and was pleasantly surprised by the results.
Once again, prior to baking, the loaf hadn’t seemed to rise that much. However, from the start, this loaf was much better at holding its own form.  This quality held true through baking, and allowed the loaf to rise a little bit more.  I changed the design that I scored in the top this time (still keeping it simple).  I’m not sure if that was the differentiating factor, but the top crust was much flakier today.
I opted to not try the bread yet tonight – I’ve had enough to eat for today (the problem of baking when you’re single) – so I’ll have to report back on the flavor tomorrow.
Since I had a substantial amount of starter discard today that I didn’t feel like using to make yet another starter, I decided to combine it and put it in a single discard jar for later use.
Which obviously meant that I had to try to make sourdough cookies this evening as well. Wanting to gain a better understanding of the process, I decided to just jump in and throw ingredients together rather than actually following a recipe (go figure).
Admittedly, my recipe-less cookie recipe needs a bit of help.  The cup of sourdough starter plus whole wheat bread and minimal sugar was probably my greatest downfall, as they’re not exactly… sweet?  However, they’ve got a decent cake-like texture that I think I’d be okay sticking with (maybe I’ll drop that a little bit?) 
Tomorrow’s (tentative) adventure is going to be adding herbs/spices to the whole wheat loaf that I currently have proofing.  And maybe trying the cookie recipe again?  We’ll see if Hannah leaves me with power… Here’s to hoping!
‘Til then,
Question of the Day: Does anyone else just like messing with recipes to see what happens?
Challenge of the Day: Do a new workout!
Photo of the Day: My First Whole Wheat Sourdough Loaf!