Day 206: Awkward

Happy Sunday and Day 206 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

This post brought to you by another flight (because what goes up must come down… or something like that).

It’s been a while since I shared an awkward moment post, so, here y’all go. Enjoy!

On this evening’s flight, I chose not to order a drink from the in-flight service. That’s not entirely unusual, as I almost always have my own bottle of water or Gatorade with me. Naturally, when the flight attendants came around with the beverages then, I saw they were around and promptly went back to listening to music with my eyes closed.

A few moments later, I feel a gentle tapping on my shoulder. It’s the kind lady next to me alerting me that the flight attendant has my drink. Confused, I take it, and proceed to take a couple sips and then sit my tray table down, figuring that somehow the flight attendant mistook my shaking my head for some drink signal, and that somehow someone must know that I need a drink that I didn’t realize.

Sprite. Not my favorite, but hey, I have it, I’ll drink it.

A few moments later, I get another tap from the lady next to me.

‘Did you order a drink?’

‘No. I was confused when I got it, but figured someone had just made a mistake so I took it.’

‘Well, my son ordered a 7-up. Can he have it?’

‘Are you sure?’ I asked, figuring she saw me take a sip.

‘Yes, we’ll take it.’

I mentally shrug my shoulders and hand it over.

Another couple of moments pass, followed by another tap.

‘Did you drink from the cup?’

‘Yes. That’s why I asked if you were sure you still wanted it.’

‘Oh. I didn’t see you take a sip…’

Long story slightly shorter… the little boy got a new cup of Sprite and mine was thrown out, leaving me to ponder how weird my seat mate must think I am, giving her son a drink that I drank out of.

As I give myself a mental beating, however, I can’t help but wonder if she’s doing the same thing – feeling dumb for insisting on giving me the drink, then taking it, then still needing a new one.

Who knows.

In any case, it’s time to listen to more music.

Catch y’all tomorrow,