Day 179: Online

Happy Monday and Day 179 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

So, first things first: evening showers may be my new favorite schedule hack. I know, I know, these are clearly not new. I just have habitually opted for morning showers. I mean, that way I guarantee that I’m good to go for work in the morning. After the bike ride and playing softball for an hour or so out in the humidity last night though, something needed done if I wanted to actually get any restful sleep, so, a shower it was. As a result, this morning has been incredibly chill. I’ve been able to catch up on emails, prep for work, wash dishes, and even do a little bit of shopping! Definite win.

From there: I’ve gotten brave recently and decided to do more and more of my clothes/shoes shopping through Amazon. Last week, for Prime Day, I ordered my first dress online. It was super cute and comfortable, and fit great! Today, I ordered a second dress in preparation for the wedding this weekend. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. Lord willing, it’ll fit as well as the first one did, so no (free) returns will need to be made. For those of you who do shop primarily online: any tips or tricks on how to make the best purchases with the least buyer’s remorse? Thanks in advance!

Annnnd… it looks like that’s about all the time I have for today, since I still have to pack my car after the long weekend.

Catch y’all tomorrow,