Day 202: Plans

Happy Wednesday and Day 202 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

So, you know how I took that power nap and was wide awake last night? Somehow, I still managed to sleep in 45 minutes after my alarm this morning. Oops!

Which is actually pretty characteristic of my day. As per (somewhat) usual, nothing went as planned.

I got around earlier than necessary, so I got gas on my way to work (which I never do). I got to the facility, only to be told after entering that I had to leave because they were shut down secondary to COVID. I was rescheduled at another facility 20 minutes down the road. Most of the patients on the schedule refused to see me, but a patient who wasn’t on the schedule was added on at noon. Nevertheless, I got out early and came home and finished charting in time to teach piano… and then hang out with the kids for 4.5 hours.


Which I guess is all to say that today is a day where I’m being reminded to trust the Father… not my plans. Hopefully you’re having better luck with that than I am.

Catch y’all tomorrow,