Day 155: …Squirrel!

Happy FRIDAY and Day 155 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

Whew. It’s Friday, guys.

First things first: I’m starting blogging exceptionally late today.
‘Why are you late this time, Hannah,’ you may ask.
You know how I talked about reminders yesterday? Well, this morning I kept remembering little things that needed done, so I was doing them.

Okay, so, if I’m honest, I probably didn’t need to plant that cactus this morning. But, I was super excited about my new gift, so plant the cactus I did. (Here’s to hoping that we’ve got enough sun and heat here to actually have a cactus grow…)

In any case, I’m obviously extremely easily distracted today, which probably doesn’t lend itself to successful blogging. C’est la vie.

I guess I’ll go make a to-do list now to try to get my life in order.

Catch y’all tomorrow!