It’s official.  I’m a homebody.

     A person who likes to stay at home, especially one who is perceived as unadventurous
Okay, so maybe I’m not a complete homebody, but the point still stands.  Though I have the potential for several different commitments (that all involve leaving the house), all I really want to do is curl up in my bed and take a nap.  After which I would be most contented to read, work on ochem, or watch a movie.
Now, normally, I wouldn’t view this particular desire to remain at home as a problem.  In all reality, it still doesn’t really present much of a problem. It just hit me tonight though as I contemplated leaving my room how long it has been since I’ve gone out and done anything social (aside from eating with friends).
Hint: It’s been a really long time.
And with that, I think I’m gonna go take a nap

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