EYE Pledging

So, in my last post, I completely forgot to mention anything about going Greek round 2… Or in other words, pledging EYE.

EYE is the name of the fraternity (or frarority as my dad calls it) that owns the house in which I live.  Since I love living in the house and want to continue to do so through most of the rest of my graduate school experience, it only made sense for me to rush/pledge EYE.

Now, admittedly, I loved going Greek in undergrad.  It was a great time, and it stretched my boundaries.  While I was excited to rush as a graduate student, I was honestly a bit hesitant as well.  Social situations have never been my strongest suite, and branching out and attempting to be social with a large group of people that I don’t know is very difficult for me.

Which is, approximately, 98% of Greek life in my estimate… large group settings where I pretend to enjoy the environment, while all the while wishing to be in my room or with a small group of people that I am comfortable with.

I guess that’s a bit beside the point…

Anyway, tonight was (sort of) the end of pledge week, marked with an event called Trivia and Games Night (or something similar)…. Which is pretty self-explanatory.

It was a blast.  And it left me covered from head to toe in syrup, Rice Krispies, and flour.

And a bit tired for my first day of clinic tomorrow.

All in all though,  I am very glad to have had the opportunity to go Greek again, and I am super excited for tomorrow night’s initiation.

Deuces y’all


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