Counting: My Saturday in Numbers

Hey All!
So this is me sucking at blogging.
      I guess it’s good that I don’t do this for a living…
In any case, I’m Back!
      Well, at least for 10 minutes, but whatever.
The past month or so has been relatively uneventful, but that’s a post for another day, because today, all the bore of the past 4 weeks was solved in one fell swoop! Here’s what happened:

5. Pieces of Pizza
For some reason, people are appreciative of you attempting to carry 3 boxes from a moving van to the house and up a flight of stairs.  This is something that I truly don’t understand, but hey, it meant free pizza – delicious pizza at that! So obviously I had to eat 5 pieces.

Shut up. Calories don’t count on Saturdays.

4. Wrong turns
And so we meet the return of Directionally Challenged Kealyn, who, even with her phone out and maps up, managed to make 4 wrong turns in a single trip.  My “I can actually navigate” pride is a bit wounded.  But that’s okay.  I did (eventually) make it to my destination!

3. Hours of Driving
I love to drive.  It’s probably one of my favorite pastimes.
Just kidding.  Gas is much to expensive for it to actually be a hobby for me, but I do genuinely enjoy driving.  So when I had the opportunity to drive 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon to (attempt to) help one of my best friends from Opt School move, of course I agreed!

2. Missing Keys
Unfortunately, before leaving the house this morning, I COMPLETELY FORGOT to pick up my house keys for the city house.  Which I realized when I was 7 minutes from my destination.


Thankfully, i don’t live alone.

1. Dead Car
Victor, my beautiful, stubborn old van, has been struggling for a while.  And today, I think he finally called it quits, threw in the towel, and gave up his ghost (transmission).  Thankfully, however, he was very thoughtful and waited until I pulled into my friend’s parking lot.

I think I may hold a small funeral for Victor for all of his wonderful service during his past 7 years in my possession.  Anyone who is interested, may join. Condolences and memories of this old friend may be posted in the comments.


Yeah, today was interesting.  Now to see what tomorrow holds!

-Catch ya on the flippity!

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