How Do You Even Write..?

So I think it’s been a sufficiently long time since I blogged… I guess that means it’s time for a life update. In the typical numbered fashion.

Here goes.
1. Summer
Summer was fun.  So there’s that. Insert lots of vacation, little bits of work, more food than was necessary, and freedom for MY LAST SUMMER EVER.
2. Opt-II life
So, as can be expected, I’m back in school.  Last year I was super excited to be an optometry student. This year – ehhh… I loved the freedom of summer, so coming back to the life of studying and classes and such has been quite the struggle. Slowly but surely, however, I’m getting back in the swing of actually using my brain (it’s a really feeling after turning it off for the summer). Today, in fact, we have our first clinic proficiency, which is both terrifying and exciting.  In this, we have 15 minutes to perform slit lamp  and tonometry (checking pressures) on one eye of a patient.  I’ll let you know in about 5 months how it went 🙂
3. House manager
I’m co-house manager at the frat house this year, which is my newest and most interesting adventure.  For instance, my first night back for the year, someone blew out all the pilot lights on our stove.  Cue waking up the next morning to the smell of propane.  Thankfully though, we got the house aired out without any major problems (i.e. Explosion, sickness etc).  Day 1 survived.
This week’s adventure has been mice.  Sunday night, upon returning from a weekend trip home, I was greeted by a dash of gray flying by my feet.  Not terribly concerned, I made a note to get some mouse poison and a few traps in the coming week.  However, when I met another mouse friend Monday morning in the kitchen while eating my breakfast, my chill plan to eventually take care of the mouse problem was upped by…6 days.  Nine traps, 3 boxes of poison, and 2 sonic mouse…things…later, I felt more than prepared to take care of the pests.  In my mind I pictured catching a mouse in each trap for most of the week, and then being rid of our rowdy rodents.  Current mouse count? One.  Just one. But hey, one down, 599 to go.
Well, I should prolly peace out for now – the first group of proficiency peeps should be about done.  Maybe now it’ll be my turn…
Later y’all!

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